Rick Winfrey

Hello, my name is Rick Winfrey. I work at GitHub on the semantic-code team focused on program analysis and code navigation. My day to day work involves indexing and analyzing the corpus of code hosted on GitHub. This is done using networked services, message queues, and has involved a variety of storage layers over the years from MySQL / Vitess to Azure Blob Storage. I feel very fortunate to work on both theoretical problems in the domain of program analysis, and common real-world problems many software engineers face in industry from API design and code generation, scaling and performance tuning, telemetry and monitoring, etc. I program fluently in languages like JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Haskell, and Rust. I'm generally fascinated by combinators, parsing, type theory, and functional programming.

I'm currently taking a course named Languages, Compilers and Interpreters from the BradfieldCS program. The course is based around Bob Nystrom's book, Crafting Interpreters, and I've chosen to implement a programming language in Rust and can be found in this repository.

Outside of software engineering I enjoy woodworking, surfing, and cooking Napoletana-style pizza. Thanks for stopping by!