I identify as a builder and a creator. I enjoy the challenge of building and architecting resilient, well tested, modular software. I equally enjoy encouraging and helping others grow to uncover more of their potential.

I'm currently a grad student in DePaul University's Predictive Analytics program with a focus on computational methods. I'm excited to formally learn techniques like regression analysis, spatial reduction analysis (e.g. PCA and LDA) and monte carlo algorithms to create machine learning models. I want to leverage these skills to enhance software functionality or to help a business make sense of its data to properly identify priorities and direction.

In my free time I enjoy loving my wonderful partner, making different types of salsas, playing with languages like Haskell and Elm, learning more about math, practicing meditation and Tonglen, and building hobby electronics like a homemade monome and atreus.

For more information please have a look at my resume.