Labor for social good
Our work accounts for the majority of our contribution to society. Make it beneficial.
Start by accepting reality
Forward progress only begins by recognizing where one currently is, not by focusing on where one would rather be.
Lead quietly in humility
Demonstrate excellence while aiming to serve others, and show what is possible so as to invite others to do the same.
Individual interactions over processes
Processes are important, but individual interactions turn the world. Allow individual interactions to amplify processes, rather than allowing processes to diminish individual interactions.
Demonstrations rather than explanations
Avoid the abstract when a concrete example provides individuals with a personal, direct experience of a new idea, suggestion or solution.



  • »Ruby, Clojure, Javascript / Coffeescript


  • »Rails, Sinatra


  • »RSpec, Cucumber, Speclj, Jasmine, Clojure.test


  • »Postgres, MySQL, Elasticsearch


  • »RabbitMQ, Redis


Lead Software Engineer | Hireology

04-2015 ~ present
  • » Led architecture and software development of data warehouse.
  • » Performed logistic regression analysis on account data to predict churn.
  • » Wrote Ruby gem allowing client facing app to query data warehouse data (csv and json).

Senior Software Engineer | Hireology

05-2014 ~ 04-2015 (11 months)
  • » Led full cycle of development of new features for medium sized Rails application.
  • » Mentored junior developers by emphasizing the SOLID principles, and disciplined TDD.
  • » Led the design and architecture of a new payment gateway integration.

Software Craftsman | 8th Light

04-2013 ~ 04~2014 (1 year)
  • » Developed features for various sized Rails and Clojure web applications.
  • » Experience developing with Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ at scale.
  • » Led a panel discussion on the various types of TDD, terminology and approaches.

Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

12-2012 ~ 03~2013 (4 months)
  • » Practiced applying SOLID principles in Ruby, Clojure, Java and Racket (scheme).
  • » Practiced TDD and BDD with RSpec, Cucumber, Junit, Speclj, Jasmine, and Fitnesse.
  • » Blogged nearly daily to document my learning and progress.
  • » Studied design patterns from the GOF book and Martin Fowler's POEAA.
  • » Created and performed a web server kata in Clojure. (video)
  • » Presented an indepth walkthrough of the Y-combinator. (simple example)

Consultant | Self Employed

05-2012 ~ 11~2012 (7 months)
  • » Developed web applications in Rails and Sinatra for local businesses in Wichita, Kansas.

Software Engineer | Boxcar

02-2012 ~ 05~2012 (3 months)
  • » Contributed feature development and support for a large, legacy Rails application.
  • » First experience working professionally with Rails, Redis and EventMachine.
  • » Boxcar unfortunately ran out of funding after three months of employment. It was later acquired and is currently maintained.

Software Intern | Hightouch, Inc.

10-2010 ~ 02~2012 (1 year, 9 months)
  • » Responsible for generating and maintaining simple statistical reports.
  • » Contributed to PHP web application development using the CodeIgniter framework.


MS, Predictive Analytics | DePaul University

Chicago, IL - 2015 ~ present

Computer Science coursework | Wichita State University

Wichita, Kansas — 2010 ~ 2012
Average GPA: 3.7

BA, Japanese Language and Religious Studies | University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas — 2000 ~ 2006
Average GPA: 3.9, Phi Beta Kappa